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Paul Stickley 2015

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Welcome to The College of Equine Bowen, please read our prospectus and we hope that your interest in the subject will lead to you contacting us about our course or just about Bowen itself.

The Equine Bowen Practitioner Course prospectus

The aims of the course are to give students an all-round overview. We cover Bowen, the moves and how the therapy works on different levels from the skin to internal organs and also on a physiological level. Also a general background in horse anatomy and physiology, saddlery, conformation, horse management Inc lungeing. We aim to put across our experience with horses and how Bowen has enhanced many horses' lives. The Equine Bowen technique is a hands on holistic therapy which through a series of non-invasive moves over muscles and connective tissue allows the body to re-balance and so able to put problems right. The Equine Technique was pioneered in Australia as was the Human Bowen Technique by Tom Bowen.

Conditions that respond well

    * Sore or tender backs
    * Stiffness in any part of the body
    * Sudden changes in temperament
    * Unexplained lameness
    * Reluctance to canter on the correct lead
    * Muscle wastage o Restricted lateral movement
    * Unexplained deterioration in performance.
    * Pre and post operative surgery –reducing recovery time
    * Problems caused by ill fitting tack and rugs
    * Poor circulation and swollen limbs o Emergency work following falls cross country or polo

This course is designed for those who have basic horse care knowledge either experience in the industry or as a horse owner. We intend to provide a wide look at the industry and most disciplines including work shops with farriers, saddlers and experienced people from the horse world .All students will have to have completed the first 4 days of the human Bowen course to begin training.

Entry requirements for training in Equine Bowen.


    * Students must have completed the first 4-day introductory level of the human Bowen technique tuition prior to commencing the equine Bowen course.
    * A sound knowledge of Horse Care i.e. Pony Club or BHS examinations or experience of having your own horses.
    * To qualify at the end of the course you will need to have completed a human Bowen course and hold a HSE First Aid certificate
    * Applicants must have their own Personal Liability Insurance

It is important that Equine Bowen therapists have a complete understanding of the Bowen Technique for a number of reasons;

    * Students must have a complete understanding of the Bowen move, pressure position and the 2min breaks.
    * To be able to see the whole picture to include rider and the horse.
    * Cross reference will be made with the human course.
    * To equal the high standards that is mandatory in other complementary therapies.

 The course will be run from Eastwood Stud Farm (, which is a busy livery yard so some safety rules will apply, sensible footwear will be worn when around the horses along with sensible clothes, hard hats will be worn when lunging the horses, there already various dogs on the yard so no more please.

 Tea and Coffee will be available during the course and there are local pubs for lunch of bring your own. A list of local B&B's is available from us.

Course Organization and Structure


The course will be 14days, split into modules with reviews in-between which will include some workshops. Each module will cover Bowen moves and some A plus should time permit lectures on other related subjects

Course Content


Introductory Level

These 4 days are an introduction to the Equine Bowen with comparisons to the human moves, how the horse may react and possible outcomes to the treatment. Over the 4days there will be plenty of hands on work so students become comfortable with the moves. There will be a limited no. of students enabling us to give some one to one supervision and plenty of time to discuss moves and how they apply. Students will be required to complete 10 case studies between the 1st and 2nd level with 3 treatments per horse.

1st Review (2 days)

This will include repeating the moves already learned and ironing out any problems that people may be having, also some workshops on relevant subjects

2nd Level (3 days)

To include more moves a more in-depth look at the systems affected by Bowen and some time will be spent on how to help the owner to help the horse with some basic exercises which I have found very useful. Review of case studies. A further 10 case studies need to be with me min 2 weeks prior to the Final level.

2nd Review (2 days)

To again go over what has been done to help with any problems with the moves or case studies also to include more workshops and lectures.

Final Level

These days will be a review of the whole course going over all moves and touching on subjects in workshops .There will be a final assessment of each student with a short written paper also a short exam on a. And a practical exam with a full treatment


We will be providing workshops that are to cover various subjects of horse management.

Post Qualification
We will be providing workshops throughout the year to further your Bowen development and to talk thro cases etc, two of these per year are mandatory.

Liz Bridger BHSAI, BTERreg, Bowen Equus practitioner. - Bowen Tutor


Worked in the horse industry since 1975, with various horses and then ran a successful Riding School and Livery Yard during this time many makes and sizes of horses passed through my hands. I discovered Bowen following an injury to my sister’s horse. This led me to qualify to treat horses in 2000 and am now I am qualified to treat both humans and horses. Over the years in the yard we have tried many holistic remedies and work with an open mind to them, but have now found Bowen to work in so many ways and with a significant success rate.


Jane Stickley BHSII – Horse management and Bowen Tutor

Having had ponies since the age of 12, I then joined my sister (after taking A levels) to run the yard at Eastwood. We dealt with many types of horses from Shetlands to 3day Eventers and all sorts between. Following a successful eventing career only ended by the arrival of my daughter, I have gone on to teach in many disciplines within the Pony Club and am now a B test examiner. It was my horse that introduced us to Bowen and I was then treated for 2 years having been with an osteopath for 20 yrs, the difference is huge and now I have completed both Human and Equine Bowen Training to help Liz with Horse care and administration.


Part 1 30-09-2016 To 03-10-2016


Total Cost £ 1940  
Deposit £ 400 Non Returnable
Part 1 £ 440
Part 2 £ 220
Part 3 £ 330
Part 4 £ 220
Part 5 £ 330